About the Upcoming IDO / IEO / IFO category

Initial dex offerings, or IDOs, are tokens that represent any type of asset hosted on a decentralized exchange (DEX) — an IDO is when a project launches a token through a decentralized liquidity exchange. IDOs can be created for anything from cryptocurrency to a music album, to aether powered battle ships. An IDO is a fundraising method in which the IDO coin is issued via decentralized liquidity exchange. Benefits of the IDO model - Open and fair fundraising, Fast trading, Immediate liquidity.

IEO is an Initial Exchange Offering, as its name suggests, is conducted on the platform of a cryptocurrency exchange. IEO is administered by a crypto exchange on behalf of the startup that seeks to raise funds with its newly issued tokens.

(IFO) Initial Farming Offerings are a brand new type of fundraising activity that uses farming events to generate funds for participating projects. With the help of IFO’s, users can participate in “pre-sales” hosted through DEX’s to get tokens before listing on respective exchanges.