HECO Depth Fi Airdrop (DEP)

HECO Depth Fi Airdrop (DEP)

A total of $5,000 worth of DEP tokens will be airdropped.

Depth Fi is a secure and efficient stable assets management protocol based on HECO. Depth Fi allows stablecoins to swap in a safe and secure environment with good depth, low slippage, and low transaction fees. Depth Fi has delicately selected multiple yield aggregators for users. Besides the transaction fees, Depth Fi also integrated other DeFi yield protocols on HECO, providing users long-term extra rewards in a safe condition.

HECO and Depth Fi are airdropping a total of $5,000 worth of DEP tokens to their airdrop participants. Chat with their Telegram bot, follow them on all required social media platforms and submit your details to the Telegram bot to receive free DEP tokens. Also, refer others to get 20 Stakes for every referral.

Step-by-Step Guide to Participate in HECO Depth Fi Airdrop (DEP):

  1. Start chatting with the HECO Depth Fi Airdrop (DEP) Telegram bot

  2. Complete Human capcha verification

  3. Complete various social media tasks

  4. Submit your HECO Wallet address and above details to the Telegram bot

  5. You will get 60 Stakes

  6. Refer others using your unique referral link to get 20 Stakes for every referral

  7. A total of $5,000 worth of DEP tokens will be shared among all airdrop participants based on their number of Stakes

  8. Airdrop duration: May 19, 2021 to June 2, 2021

NOTE: Airdrop tokens will be distributed on June 8, 2021.