Mars Ecosystem Airdrop (XMS)

Mars Ecosystem Airdrop (XMS)

1000 lucky participants will get 50 XMS Governance tokens each.

Mars Ecosystem is a New Decentralized Paradigm building a new type of Stablecoin ecosystem, which includes Mars Stablecoin USDM, MarsSwap, and other DeFi protocols. The relationship between Mars Stablecoin and Mars DeFi primitives constitute a positive feedback loop and generates flywheel effect.

Mars Ecosystem is airdropping 50 XMS Governance tokens to their 1000 lucky participants. Open the Airdrop form, follow them on all required social media platforms and submit your details to the Airdrop form to be eligible for the Airdrop.

Step-by-Step Guide to Participate in Mars Ecosystem Airdrop (XMS):

  1. Open the Mars Ecosystem Airdrop (XMS) form

  2. Follow Mars Ecosystem on Twitter

  3. Join Mars Ecosystem Telegram group

  4. Join Mars Ecosystem Discord

  5. Follow Mars Ecosystem on Medium

  6. Share MARS official poster in one of these cryptocurrency communities : Crypto Telegram group with more than 2000 people / The latest tweet’s comment of cryptocurrency’s big KOL such as @elonmusk / @cz_binance to collection likes (The more likes you collect, the more likely you are to win the rewards)

  7. Submit your BEP-20 Wallet address and above details to the Airdrop form

  8. 1000 lucky participants will get 50 XMS Governance tokens each

NOTE: Airdrop ends on May 28, 2021 (24:00 UTC). Airdrop tokens will be distributed within 3 days after the event ends.