Meryt Airdrop (MRT)

Meryt Airdrop (MRT)

Get up to $40 worth of MRT tokens. Top 100 users will also get between $50 to $5000 worth of MRT tokens.

Meryt is building a blockchain agnostic architecture, with a drag-and-drop Digital Organization builder on top, that brings blockchain technology and it’s applications in DeFi to everyone — accelerating adoption of decentralization. Meryt Protocol provides flexible modules to create the right governance systems for Digital Organizations to make better on-chain investment decisions.

Meryt is airdropping up to $40 worth of MRT tokens to their airdrop participants. Visit their Airdrop page, follow them on all required social media platforms and submit your details to receive up to $40 worth of MRT. Also, refer others to be eligible to win between $50 to $5000 worth of MRT tokens.

Step-by-Step Guide to Participate in Meryt Airdrop (MRT):

  1. Visit the Meryt Airdrop (MRT) page

  2. Submit your details and click "Become a Contributor"

  3. Verify your email and login to your account

  4. Follow Meryt on Twitter

  5. Join Meryt Telegram group

  6. Join Meryt on Discord

  7. Follow Meryt on Reddit

  8. Follow Meryt on Medium

  9. Follow Meryt on Facebook

  10. Follow Meryt on LinkedIn

  11. Submit your above details to the Airdrop page

  12. You will get up to $40 worth of MRT tokens

  13. Refer others using your unique referral link to be eligible to win between $50 to $5000 worth of MRT tokens

NOTE: Airdrop will end on will end on January 15, 2022 winners will be contacted afterwards.

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