Mochi Mori Giveaway (NFT)

Mochi Mori Giveaway (NFT)

A total of 1500 SEED NFTs will be giveaway to 1500 lucky winners.

Mochi Mori Seed NFT is one of the 2 most important types of NFT in Mochi Mori Game (another is Mochi Mori Land NFTs). To start the game, gamers need to have both Seed NFTs and Land NFTs. Seed NFTs can be the start of your journey at Mochi Mori.

Mochi Mori is giving away a total of 1500 SEED NFTs to their 1500 lucky winners. Visit the giveaway page, follow them on all required social media platforms and submit your details to be eligible to win 1 SEED NFT.

Step-by-Step Guide to Participate in Mochi Mori Giveaway (NFT):

  1. Visit the Mochi Mori Giveaway (NFT) page

  2. Register / Login for the Giveaway

  3. Follow Mochi Mori on Twitter and Retweet this tweet

  4. Join Mochi Market Announcements Telegram channel

  5. Join Mochi Mori Announcement Telegram channel

  6. Join Mochi Mori on Discord

  7. Submit your BEP-20 Wallet address and above details to the Giveaway page

  8. A total of 1500 SEED NFTs will be giveaway to 1500 lucky winners

  9. Giveaway period: 16 August, 2021 (12:00 AM IST) to 30 August, 2021 (11:59 PM IST)

NOTE: For more details regarding this Giveaway see their Official Medium post.

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