OTC Space Giveaway (BNB & OTC)

OTC Space Giveaway (BNB & OTC)

A total of 5 BNB and 500,000 OTC tokens will be giveaway to top 120 giveaway participants.

OTC Space is the first OTC market for cryptocurrency trades and transactions with no centralized authority. That is, it is the first decentralized cryptocurrency OTC market. It is a new platform that allows you to trade cryptocurrencies or tokens that are otherwise unlisted or unavailable until the expiration of a lock-up period which is usually determined by the project team. OTC Space allows you to sell your tokens from an initial coin offering (ICO). This enables you to continue financing your operational cost and get incentives for your hard work.

OTC Space is giving away a total of 5 BNB and 500,000 OTC tokens to their top 120 giveaway participants. Visit the giveaway page, follow them on all required social media platforms and submit your details to be eligible to win free BNB and OTC tokens. Also, refer others to get 1 Entry for every referral.

Step-by-Step Guide to Participate in OTC Space Giveaway (BNB & OTC):

  1. Visit the OTC Space Giveaway (BNB & OTC) page

  2. Submit your details and register for the giveaway

  3. Complete various social media tasks to earn Entries

  4. Top 20 participants with the highest entries will share 5 BNB and the next 100 participants will share 500,000 OTC tokens

  5. Refer others using your unique referral link to get 1 Entry for every referral

NOTE: Winners will be announced on July 26, 2021.

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