Thorstarter Airdrop (XRUNE)

Thorstarter Airdrop (XRUNE)

Get free XRUNE tokens.

Thorstarter is a decentralized launchpad created to bring cross-chain liquidity to long-tail crypto assets. The project transforms the way that new crypto projects source liquidity by providing a launchpad that brings cross-chain liquidity to ensure that funds are fairly raised. Thorstarter will act as an IDO platform for new projects, providing them with deep liquidity right from the start. Alternatively, Thorstarter will enable existing projects to reach investors and participants across multiple blockchains by creating a liquidity pool for their token paired with XRUNE. Thorstarter complements the Thorchain ecosystem, and benefits from its liquidity and capabilities, while also extending its utility.

Thorstarter is airdropping free XRUNE tokens to their airdrop participants. Open the airdrop form, follow them on all required social media platforms and submit your details to the Airdrop form to receive free XRUNE.

Step-by-Step Guide to Participate in Thorstarter Airdrop (XRUNE):

  1. Open the Thorstarter Airdrop (XRUNE) form

  2. Follow Thorchain on Twitter, Like and Retweet this tweet using hashtags $RUNE & $XRUNE and tag 2 of your friends

  3. Follow Thorstarter on Twitter

  4. Join Thorstarter Telegram group

  5. Download XDEFI wallet and activate it using code THORSwap

  6. Submit your Thorchain and Ethereum address in your XDEFI Wallet

  7. You will get free XRUNE tokens

  8. Airdrop will stay open until Friday June 11, 2021 (12pm UTC)

NOTE: For more details regarding this airdrop see the Official Medium post.


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